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MantraFest 2013: Deva & Miten Tour USA & Canada

Deva & Miten with bansuri maestro Manose and keyboard wizard Maneesh de Moor are on tour in the USA and Canada now.  Special guests the GuruGanesha Band open these magical MantraFest concerts, with visits to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, Bridgeport, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Asheville, Houston, Dallas, Boulder, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Escondido, and Phoenix scheduled through early November.  Tour details and tickets are available at BrightStar Live Events.

21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey: Available Online Now

Over 134,000 people from 204 countries are participating in the new release of Deva & Miten's 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey, as Mentors Channel is offering this three week journey into the world of mantra online again at no charge. You can sign up here

Join Deva & Miten on this beautiful inner adventure, as they introduce a new mantra every day, with an exploration of its meaning and energetic properties, and guided meditations into the chanting. You will discover how chanting these ancient sound formulas brings us into a profound space inner peace and well being, providing you with a potent tool for healing and transformation.

Registration is free and each day's meditation will be available online for seven days, beginning September 10. Don't miss this special opportunity to join Deva & Miten for the 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey.

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New Chant Tips Video From Deva & Miten: Take It Easy

Deva & Miten offer a few suggestions on ways to enhance your mantra meditation practice. The most important one is this: Give yourself permission to feel good while you chant!

Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation Monday Sept 30

Day 21 of Deva & Miten's Mantra Meditation Journey features the Gayatri Mantra, and all are invited to join in a global meditation at 7 am/ 7 pm your local time, Mon Sept 30, helping to create a synchronous wave of energy worldwide as participants tune into this most ancient & transfomative mantra. You can add your name to a special Facebook event page for Day 21 here: https://www.facebook.com/events/185547204962151/

Even if you have not been participating so far in the 21 Day program, you are welcome to join for the Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation. You can register here.

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" Shima, Shima'... Wonderful music. Please promise me you will sing this and 'The Other Side' at my funeral... "

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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  See Events For Details
And Full Tour Schedule
  May 1: Helsinki, Finland  
  May 3: Stockholm, Sweden  
  May 5: Copenhagen, DK  
  May 7: Hamburg, DE  
  May 10: Lisbon, Portugal  
  May 12: Madrid, Spain  
  May 14: Barcelona, Spain  
  May 16: Kiev, Ukraine  
  May 18: Moscow, RU  
  May 20: Ekaterinburg, RU  
  May 22: St Petersburg, RU  
  May 24: Tel Aviv, Israel  

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The Path of Love with Turiya and Rafia: "The perfect process for anyone wanting to give themselves a spiritual spring clean." - Deva