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21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey: 5 CD Set Available

mmj cover 250Deva Premal & Miten's 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey, first offered online by Mentors Channel, saw over 200,000 people in 204 countries explore the transformative power of a daily mantra practice. Now this beautiful program, featuring 21 specially-selected mantras with guided meditations by Deva & Miten into their meaning and essential energetic properties, is available in an elegantly packaged 5 CD set:

  • 21 daily mantra meditations (plus one bonus meditation)
  • A resource booklet with all of the mantras & translations, plus the Inner Tunings and evocative images for each day

Add this extraordinary mantra meditation series to your permanent library or gift a loved one with this special inner adventure.  CD Set available at White Swan Records (USA & Canada) and Bells Media (Outside USA & Canada). MP3 Download is now available at iTunes and Online Access is available at Mentors Channel.

Om Mantra (The Cosmic Yes)

PrabhuMusic has just released this exquisite video celebrating the Om Mantra (The Cosmic Yes) from A Deeper Light, by Deva Premal & Miten with Manose and special guest Maneesh de Moor.

A Deeper Light: Deva Premal & Miten with Manose

A Deeper Light, the beautiful recent release from Deva Premal & Miten, offers a sensuous, hypnotic journey into the realms of ecstatic bliss and deepening connections of the heart.

Joined by the enchanting flute flights of Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, keyboard wizard Maneesh de Moor and producer Joby Baker, this great new release brings a fresh, vibrant energy to the world's oldest music, infusing powerful healing mantras from ancient India with dub inspired grooves. No digital instruments were used, the players looking for a natural, organic, openhearted feeling to compliment Deva and Miten's haunting vocals. The album includes eight sacred chants that weave trance-like thru rhythmic landscapes to a place of joyful stillness, filled with a deeper light.

A Deeper Light is available now at iTunes, Amazon worldwide & our webshop partners.

Holiday Groups With Deva & Miten: Blue Spirit, CR

blue sunset couple 250Two very special Holiday groups with Deva & Miten and Manose will be offered at the stunning Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica this March.

In The Light of Love, March 15-22: Celebrate your life and nurture your heart with a unique seven day vacation. Days begin with yoga classes, followed by morning sessions of Ecstatic Chant, offering an opportunity to dive deeply into the healing world of mantras & sacred songs. There is time in the afternoons to luxuriate on the beautiful beaches, plus four evening chant sessions.

Tantra Mantra For Couples- An Exploration Into Blissful Loving Between Woman & Man - with Rafia, March 22-29: Deva, Miten and Tantra master Rafia offer couples an opportunity to nourish & renew their connection in a loving, sacred and supportive atmosphere. The physical beauty & relaxation that is so available by the ocean combines with the singing & chanting to create a perfect environment for tantric practice and meditation.

"My attitude and feelings have been completely reset. The week we spent was a divine gift.... I feel my core light has been reignited, and I know that I can face any challenge with trust and optimism."

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" Premal and Miten have a simple and clear message: In love all suffering and fear vanishes. Within the rapture of their music we are able to fall into the depths of our own hearts where love abides eternally. They are equally humble and bold as love. In their presence we are reminded of our own capacity for humility and bold love... "

Sharon Gannon (co-founder of the legendary Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York City)

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6 Reasons To Chant With Your Kids: Blog at Huffington Post with suggestions on how & why to share mantras with children.

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