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2010-November-European Tour Conclusion Part 3

(Also see European Tour Conclusion Part 1 & European Tour Conclusion Part 2)

in the magical land of southern spain, we discover the incredible moorish palace of alhambra



the romantic town of granada nestles beneath the fort




malaga organisers, anne marie and marcos – verrry big smiles


cluster at the palace with rajen and sumano, from prabhu music


zurich organiser, ricco


zurich lights


our beloved friend and tour organiser at prabhu music, sumano, in zurich


and sweet naveen from prabhu music office joined us too


chanting the gayatri in paris in front of the louvre



...and then into the german countryside to the village of kimratshofen..


to play a concert in a barn!


we promised to play at the home of our old friend and supporter, rolf birmelin



jalal gets the baby out of bed


...watched by mysterious forces....


mantra barn dance


outside, autumn was all shining and golden


inside, by night, the magic descends


and...eventually the final hug 2010 tour


well, almost...we had one more commitment to fulfil...

at the high security forensic psychiatric ward of regensburg hospital, to play for the patients there... some with life-long sentences, some in for drug and alcohol related offences


...and surprisingly, all open to the mantras in a way we never could have expected.

it was the most auspicious and satisfying way to end our year.


we’re not permitted to show the faces of the men and women here, so no more photos - but here is message received from the organiser, lydia, who took the unusual and somewhat risky decision to invite us!

"Tthank you so much for these hours together... joining, sharing and spreading the words, the music and the feeling of love and grace. The atmosphere was overwhelming... what I perceived last evening and what patients told me today the concert and your presence really left a sustainable impression on every one of them.

"I would like to tell you a few words about Marco, a patient helping us for the setup, and what he told me today.... as most of those patients he had a very hard childhood suffering from a lack of love and stability... his parents were both alcoholics... when Miten came up to him last night I was standing right next to Marco. Miten gave him a hug, and Marco hesitated for a moment, before he was able to open up and reply. Miten was thanking him... Marco told me afterwords, how hard it was for him accept that 'gift' from Miten. Then later on the rest of the crew came to say goodbye - and hugged him, too. I recognised it was so much easier for him by that point to open up...

"Today he told me, that he is feeling so happy from the inside... showing that radiance... even colleagues were asking what has happened to him. He told me the he can't remember that he ever felt that kind of way. And that he had never had the experience, that someone came up to him hugging him in such a loving and honnest way. That experiance really left a deep impact on him.

"After the concert I was watching the patients gathering around you... Miten seemed like a father - giving his unconditional love... Deva, with your beauty and clarity... and Manose, with your ease and sparkling joy for life... sharing the presence of love. To watch and see that happening to our patients what the greatest gift for me.

"The tones of your music are filling out every cell of my body and the words overlap my "everyday thoughts": in the light of love.

"It was such a great honour to have you there with us - thank you all, the whole crew, for being there ♥♥♥♥♥♥

"I feel so humble and blessed in the presence of your generosity. Namaste, light & love."

thank you for a great year everyone – see you down the road!



love and thanks to sakha (sound), jalal (road manager/photos), manartha (photos), naveen (prabhu music), sumano (tour organiser), okka (prabhu music), rajen (business manager), hannah (merchandise)

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